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Long time reader, first time writer.:)
Have an '06 Sport 4.0 manual that I made some improvements on about 5 years ago. 4" lift, 4:56 gears and 35" tires. Has about 194k miles.
In the last month or so it has started dying without warning while driving. The first time, it started right back up again but the gauges all read zero. Made it about 25 miles home without issue. Then it started happening more frequently. Reading the forums it sounded like the crankshaft position sensor, so I swapped it out. Drove it about 15 miles and it still died.
I've tested the alternator, messed with the throttle sensor in the transfer case, installed a new battery and tried to check for any burned/disconnected wiring with no avail. Finally took it to a local shop that does a lot of Jeep work about 35 miles from the house and it didn't die once, but reeked of fuel all the way there. Naturally the fuel pump was cracked. After a hefty bill to fix that I drove it about 225 miles before it did it again. Started right back up again and didn't have any issues for about 600 miles. Now it's doing it again. The CEL finally came on after dying the 6th time today coming home from work, but went of after dying the 7th and finally making it home. Was about to buy another crankshaft pos sensor, a camshaft ps, throttle ps and speed sensor, but could use a little insight as to whether it would even be worth it. I'm hardly mechanically inclined, but am learning some of the easy stuff to avoid shop bills. Am I even looking in the right direction? Appreciate the help!
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