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I had the pleasure of having my doors (full metal) stolen the other day, and purchased a set off eBay as replacements. Couple questions:

(1) Although the doors I bought are supposedly from a '95 (my year wrangler), they don't seem to fit all that great. I am having trouble opening and closing, and I am wondering what sort of adjustments (if any) that I can make?

(2) Is there a way to tell if the doors I bought are actually off of a '95 wrangler? The reason I ask is that components (such as the window crank and mirrors) are in a different spots than on my old doors. If I was sold older doors I might want to get some of my money back.

Any help is greatly appreciated! Also, if anyone knows a good (and cheap) jeep repair shop in Los Angeles area (downtown or, please let me know.


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I really can't say for sure, but I would assume that all the YJ doors are the same. My passenger door on my 94 was destroyed in a roll over. The door I used as a replacement is from an 87. It looks exactly the same and fits pretty well.

Of course, mine are half doors, but I do know that full doors from a 91 model fit on my 94. Me and a friend swapped doors temporarily a few years ago. He wanted to take a road trip with half doors and his Jeep is (or was) the same color

The doors for all YJs are the same, and if I am not mistaken, CJs will work too.
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