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Dip stick mystery ???

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I just recently had a rebuilt engine installed in my 02 TJ. The mechanic changed the usual parts from old engine to new engine including dip stick and dip stick sleeve. When I got the Jeep home I checked the oil level and it registered below add mark. I added a quart and it came up to safe. Now I go to change oil after 500 miles and install 6 quarts of oil the dip stick registers below add again and I know I put 6 quarts in ???????? Any suggestions. Can one dip stick be off from one motor to the next ????
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I went on line to ask the question How to replace the dip stick tube in a Jeep ? This web site comes up with the fix plus photos on how to. It looks by the pictures the tube was not pushed in to the block far enough. There are two rings around the tube the bottom one must come in contact with the block. Thanks for your response I was going to check that also.
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