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It's been a few weeks since my purchase, but wanted to thank you again for being the only sane person I've dealt with at Discount Tire. I've been a long time Discount Tire customer and keeping coming back because of the great pricing. I've purchased 14 tires in the past year, but the last 2 purchases at my local shop have not gone well. I swore I'd never be back. Not worth my time to save a few bucks. I reached out to Discount Tire Direct (Matt) with my story. He made it right with a one tire/wheel purchase. I'm sold. I'll be back...

Mismatched Jeep:

New tire/wheel

Even came with a center cap

Staged photo in my backyard with a full set of 31's on matching wheels:

Can't wait to burn through the 3 Rocky Mountain tires to get a matched set of rubber on the YJ.

Thanks again Matt!
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