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Do I have to replace my entire softtop???

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I have a 2016 Wrangler Sport 2dr this was my first day putting the top down I had major problems getting the rear window off bc the metal part of the zipper is corroded . I finally got it off but the little metal piece that you use when starting the zipper that was attached to my soft top fell off so now the window cant zip up I really have to replace the entire soft top bc of the zipper??
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I would take it to an auto upholstery shop to see what they can do. They should be able to replace or repair the zipper.
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Lube it up well and it should be fine for many more years. That is really just the start sleeve and u may be able to just glue it back. What will happen over time w/o that is the fabric will get beat up/too thick and no longer feed into the zipper.

Or look on craigslist/there are tops and windows fs frequently.

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