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So with the control arms they supply M10 bolts and nuts plus washers for the uppers

Bolts are 10.9
Should be good to about 82Nm

See page 6 Resources/A short guide to metric nuts and bolts.pdf

Factory spec on those bolts is 55ft lb which is just under 75 Nm (below the82Nm) so good to go


The nuts they supply are stamped 8 designed for 8.8 strength bolts rated to
57.3 Nm which is a hair over 43 ft lbs

Houston we have a problem

The craptastic nuts fail short of factory torque and fail by threads stripping inside nut so will not tighten to spec and will not come off

So now you gotta grind off nut or bolt head

Thanks a bunch metalcloak

Back to factory nuts and almost an hour wasted

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