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One way to solve the door latch problem was using electrical tape. For me, that worked for a while. The rattle worsen after I removed the doors! I even convinced the dealer (left over from previous job!) to put some of the expensive grease -- didn't work! I adjusted the plate (on the pillar), it only reduced the rattle by a little bit! It led me to do this, it has reduced the rattle by a lot! See the following steps.

1. Use a screwdriver to push the latch
2. Coat serious amount of lithium grease
3. Clean up a little

See the following pictures! As you can see, I have quite a bit of lithium grease around the area. Do make sure you coat it on the mechanism that move with screwdriver! I hope this helps some of you!

After what I did here, I think the dealer applied the grease on the wrong location. It was applied on the pillar! This might led to a lot of dust on the latch, but I do have lifetime warranty when the latch completely failed! :)



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