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Hey Ho from Germany,

i have a problem with my Driver Door.
When i open it,the Dome Light and the Sign "Open Door" in the Cluster dont work.
After 10 or 20 or 40 Second it comes the Dome Lights and the Sign to.
Not ever but the most time :-(

I have clean the Door Look with Spezial Cleaner and Air.Not help.
I have look to the Cable and Harnes,i think it al Okay.Today i go with my gauge on it.
I have look the Relay in the Box and clean with Air.Not Help :-(

The other Door works perfect.
Where i can search the Failure ?
Where i can find an Wiring Diagram for my JK 2012 from the Door ?

Thanks a Lot for your Help

Sorry my bad englisch :-( I learn get better ;-)
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