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This forum has been very helpful to me, maybe I can give something back.

As my signature indicates, my '01 TJ has a 2.5 Rough Country lift with a JKS 1.25 body lift (irrelevant in this case). I wondered how my current set-up faired with driveline angles so I bought a guage and did some sleuthing. If you have a similar set-up these numbers might be helpful to you. I have a 1/2 inch transfer case drop, 1 inch motor mount lift, stock control arms (for now) and absolutely zero driveline vibrations.

Front differential pinion: 9 degrees up
Front drive shaft: 5 degrees down

I'd like to see less than three degrees difference but with the double cardan (stock) on the front driveshaft there is some room for misalignment. Lower control arms in the next few months...

Rear transfer case output shaft: 8 degrees down
Rear differential pinion angle: 8 degrees up

This is almost ideal. The pinion could come down a degree but with the control arms, as opposed to a leaf spring set-up, there is virtually no axle wrap and I don't expect any problems.

In summary, I was pleasantly surprised at how well aligned things are. This isn't as high-speed as a SLE and double cardan rear driveshaft but it's a LOT cheaper. Works for me...

Happy wheeling.

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