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Driveline ticking?

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I was driving through a grass lot by my house today when I hit a big bump going about fifteen mph. I slowed waaaay down after that. A few hours later I was driving about twenty on the road and I noticed a ticking sound that increased in speed when my speed increased in first gear. I put it in park and revved it a few times with no sound. Then I put it in neutral and still no more tick. I drove it down the street again and it continued to tick. When I got up to about 40 on another road, there was no more ticking. I slowed down to twenty five on another road and didn't hear any more tick. I parked it, let it sit, and when I fired it back up and drove off it ran without a sound. Should I worry about this if its not happening any more?
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1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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