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I, like several others recently it seems, purchased replacement headlights. The knock-offs I bought have the led ring around the outer edge that can be wired as a DRL. The wiring for this is separate from the main headlight.

My question: is there a known circuit that is hot when the transmission is not in Park? A circuit I could throw a relay on to then trigger the DRL's.

My reasoning: While I can wire the DRL to an ACC circuit ( using a relay of course ) I really don't want the DRL's to ALWAYS be on when the Jeep is on. It seems most modern DRL's are triggered by taking the transmission out of Park. I'd like to do the same.

Right now I just have the DRL's powered by the circuit formerly powering my foglights... but that requires running the parking lights to have the DRL's on.

In the end, if this is not feasible, I'll likely wire into an ACC circuit with a separate switch to kill the DRL in times I'm just sitting with the Jeep running.

Link to the knock-offs

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I can not imagine any reason that the vehicle would have a circuit that is hot when the vehicle is in gear. There is no factory reason for such. You will need to compromise.

I wired my DRL to a ACC circuit in the fuse box (heated rear seats or steering wheel). Then I used a 2 relays, a switch, and the factory headlights. Functionally as follow.

key on, switch off = lights off
key on, switch on, headlights off = lights on
Key on, switch on, headlights on = lights off
key on, switch on, high beams on = lights on
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