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Dual top option on a Sport S 23 ?

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Jeep lover forever here, but never owned one myself.. it's about to change :p

I'm currently looking into getting myself a brand new 2023 2 doors Wrangler Sport S and I am wondering about which roof to get or maybe both?

I live in eastern Canada so winter around here is pretty harsh so I'm thinking hardtop for winter, but I'd love the quick removal of the softtop during summer,

I have plenty of space to store the tops while not on jeep, so this is not a problem.

I see a dual top option mentionned at a few places, but I can't find this option when building a jeep on the website. Does this option exists for the 2 door Sport S ?? Or can I just order it with hardtop and buy a softtop from my dealer at the same time?

I need some light here please !
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Everyone who has stated that dual tops are not available on the JL 2 door is correct. I can confirm that the shipping crate is too large to fit in a 2 door. I bought my 21 JLR with a hardtop and then bought a MOPAR soft top a few months later.

If you want both, I would definitely purchase with the factory hardtop and then buy a soft top. Soft top options for the 2 door are VERY limited. The only 2 available in ‘21 was the factory top and the Bestop Trektop. Since I wanted a soft top I could fold down instead of remove, the factory soft top was the only viable option. They are expensive and availability was limited in ‘21, but that may have improved by now. The dealer quoted me 6 week minimum for delivery, but I was able to get it elsewhere quicker.

If you go that route, be sure to check shipping costs when comparing prices. Quadratec’s price was higher than competitors, but give free shipping. After figuring shipping costs, they were in line with everyone else.

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