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Dual top option on a Sport S 23 ?

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Jeep lover forever here, but never owned one myself.. it's about to change :p

I'm currently looking into getting myself a brand new 2023 2 doors Wrangler Sport S and I am wondering about which roof to get or maybe both?

I live in eastern Canada so winter around here is pretty harsh so I'm thinking hardtop for winter, but I'd love the quick removal of the softtop during summer,

I have plenty of space to store the tops while not on jeep, so this is not a problem.

I see a dual top option mentionned at a few places, but I can't find this option when building a jeep on the website. Does this option exists for the 2 door Sport S ?? Or can I just order it with hardtop and buy a softtop from my dealer at the same time?

I need some light here please !
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Personally I would get the hard top and get a aftermarket soft top. Instead I would get the dual doors option.
This is exactly what I would do! OP if you go this route make sure to find a soft top that you like in order to decide if you need the black diamond (standard) or twill (premium) uppers.
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