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I need some help here. Looking to get new tires but I want to make sure they will fit and not rub. I will be running my stock rims and would like to get 285/70/r17 Duratracs. The DuraTracs also now come in the stock 255/75/17 size. Thats basically why Im unsure what would be the best choice. If I go with the 285 will I need to also need to reprogram the JK (how will the larger tires affect my shift points, speedo,miles,etc) I know this has been covered but I'm still unsure and don't want to screw up. Thanks in advance

Stock rims & NOT Lifted will it work?

Would it just be better for me to just get the package from DTD? Will 33x12.50r15 fit and not rub with a stock Jk. No lift or leveling kit.

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