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i finally got some snow this morning and couldnt figure out how to fully shut of traction control. Can someone please tell me how to do this cause i know if you only press the esp button once it goes to partial i wanna it off fully. thank and sorry for the stupidity :wavey:

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Repoman's right, but there are actually two versions of "fully off" for ESP. If you want the "really really disabled" version, you need to do a steering wheel dance.

Check out pages 379 through 385 of your manual. From page 384:

"A steering wheel/ESP button maneuver must be performed to permanently disable ESP and defeat the functionality of the ESP switch. Repeating the procedure will return the system to normal ESP operation and restore ESP switch functionality allowing ESP “Partial” or “Off” modes.

The following procedure will disable (or re-enable) ESP functionality in the vehicle:
1. Shift the transfer case into the 4H range position.
2. Turn the steering wheel until it is centered and the
wheels are pointed straight ahead.
3. Cycle the ignition key OFF to ON.
4. Wait approximately five seconds for the system bulb
5. Turn and hold the steering wheel one-half turn to the
right (clockwise).
6. Press and hold the ESP OFF button for seven seconds.
7. Turn the steering wheel back to center, and turn and
hold an additional one-half turn to the left (counterclockwise).
8. Press and hold the ESP OFF button for seven seconds.
9. Turn the steering wheel back to center.
10. Press and hold the ESP OFF button for seven seconds.
11. Cycle the ignition key to OFF.
After performing the ESP disable procedure correctly,
“ESP OFF” will be displayed in the odometer for approximately
12 seconds each time the ignition is moved to ON.
Repeating the ESP disable procedure will re-enable normal​
ESP operation.

If you're so inclined, you can download an electronic copy here: (

Good luck!

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I would always leave it on partially itll keep you off your top, light snow is no big deal its the ice thats under it lol

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It helps having it on in light snow or disabled?
It does exactly what it was designed to do-control the spinning tire, so it'll help keep from losing control, or burying a tire in the snow !!

It's kinda taking away your control, but-most people don't know how to drive in snow anyway, so it's GOOD !

:rofl::rofl: JIMBO
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