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Hi all, I am installing a Superchips Trail Dash 2 and needed to swap ECMs to use any of the features (even though some didnt have to, my Jeep required it). I just finished the swap and have not hooked the TD2 up yet. I do, however, have the Check Engine Light on after restarting my Jeep. The first time I restarted it, there were several lights including the ABS warning and a little electrical symbol all right in the middle of the gauges. It also began idling very high, about 2200 RPM. I turned it off and re-started it and everything went back to normal running wise, but the CEL is still on.

I'm assuming this is due to the battery being disconnected but am not 100% sure. I have not hooked up the TD2 yet as I forgot to bring the cord with me to work this morning. I'm hoping that once it is installed I will be able to read the code that set the CEL off, but I am unsure if that function is available on the TD2.

Does anyone know if what I am experiencing is normal behavior for an ECM swap?

Edit: Nevermind. The back of the instruction manual says these things might happen. I was able to install the TD2 this evening and view/clear the codes. It had 2 codes, both for throttle position sensor faults.
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