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So I've noticed a lot of this lately. A lot of people seem to have issues, and look to this forum as some sort of "point to exactly what is wrong, so I don't have to do any work."

I'm sure some of this is inexperience. And I'm sure some of this is laziness. The thing about owning a 20+ year old jeep is that it's a 20+ year old jeep! If you don't have the money to have a professional fix your issues, you'd better be willing to get your hands dirty. And that starts with doing some research.

The first thing all of us should own is a volt meter and a Haynes or chiltons manual. And watch a YouTube video to learn how to read a wiring diagram. That would save the vast majority of posters with electrical issues some time.

Everything in your jeep boils down to 2 simple concepts. From switches to relays (which are just magnetic switches). Positive and negative, and input vs output. That's it. That's everything. Every circuit needs a positive and negative. And most everything for has an input and output.

Turn signals, headlight switches, ignition switches, gauge clusters. They all need power going in, and power coming out to their respective devices. You're not troubleshooting electronics on the deck of The Enterprise. These are all very basic concepts that will get you back on the road. If you're too cheap to buy a manual, free ones can be found on Autozone's website. They're not the most in depth, but they've saved me in a pinch. Sorry for the rant.
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