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2011 Wrangler Saraha 6 Speed 120,000 miles A deep Cycle 5-year battery "not optimum" due to their controller. Added an Andriod aftermarket radio over a year before these issues arise. Higher rims and wheels, speed sensors did not get reset so tire pressuse light always on, been that way for 4 years

About 8 months ago, my radio would factory reset at random.{2 - 3X a month}
Around 6 months ago[/COLOR] my Ebrake light would come on and stay on, until restart. Pulled over and tried pulling it up and down, and still no reset."Also I have to <prime> the Ebrake to get it to actually engage for 4 years"
Then 2 months ago, Cruse will have hickups and turn off, then back on and the jeep then speeds up the get back to set speed. !!does not go faster then set speed!!
And The Finally, Now when driving the RPM guage will drop under 1k then shoot back to where it was when cut and the jeep shifts enoufh you feel it. AND will turn off motor and back on alost every day. :jawdrop:

What has been tested::::
Perfect 14.4 alternator
Amazing 12.4v Jell Deep Cycle
IFFY on radio, the jumper used to conect the radio to Mopar harness is 5 years old.
Confused Ebrake, 4 diffrent shops "one Mopar 5" No one has solved this. "of course they still charged me for doing nothing":whacky:

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