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Electrical Problems...stumped

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Hey all,
So I've read as many forums as I could that related to my problem with (drum roll) no blinkers, radio, or wipers. Cleaned the old ignition switch like someone suggested; no fix. Bought a new switch and still nothing.
What happens every once in a while when I start to play with the blinker lever, the left blinker comes on, but doesn't blink. It only comes on for about 3 seconds. Last night, I was messing around with the steering tilt and that caused it to come on and blink a couple times. I haven't been able to get it to happen again. Also, only the left blinker ever tries to come on. Radio used to show time, lately there's been nothing from it. Wipers don't even try to come on. When I mess with the turn signal lever, I can hear the relay clicking.
I am really stumped and also I'm not good with electrical stuff. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Did you check the engine to tub ground that goes from back of engine to the firewall

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No I haven't. What am I going to be looking for when checking this?
Look at base of underside of hood and see the ground strap bolted there follow that strap to bolt on firewall

From that same firewall bolt a ground strap goes to back top engine
Make sure strap is present intact and has clean tight ends

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checked all those locations, all were tight, cleaned anyway and put back. still no change
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