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So winter hits and everytime I start the 2011 black ops jeep with 7500 miles on it, the lifters on drivers side are clacking away, So i change oil filters a few times and top it off hopeing its filter sensitive. Tried all the top brands with antidrainback valves, of course no fix so now its time to call the dealer and they get it on me me Friday morning and yep its bad lifters the hole drivers side but itll be fixed by 4pm on sat., ok great. I recieve a call at 3 from dealer and they replaced all lifters and everything went perfect but after two cold starts its still making same noise and the're not sure what to do so they're gonna keep it and speak with Chrysler and dealership owner to find out what to do. So i knew when i bought this thing I was getting the same sheitty chrysler engine thats in every v6 pile of sheit chrysler/dodge minivan out their but come'on 6 bad lifters from the factory then obviously bad replacements or theirs something even worse wrong the engine. Not to mention its been in for two other issues prior to this, so whatever little faith I had in chrysler is pretty much running out quickly............................................
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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