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Engine Rebuild

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What is the best way to go about rebuilding an new or used engine for my jeep? Is there a possible way to do it on a somewhat small budget and what would i need to get besides the engine itself. right now i have a new transmission put in and the stock inline 4c. I'd like to upgrade but im new to the engine building process and don't would like to not have to resort to the buying a new/used jeep.

p.s. everything runs fine right now in my jeep, just a project I would like to start
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Rebuilds from a local shop for a long block run anywhere from $1200-1800. If the spare is good enough to rebuild and all they do is the machine work and replace the minimum parts that is the window for budget.

Which is all fine and good. But after you get the engine back and add up all the rest it get expensive.

New Radiator, water pump, hoses and vacuum lines.

If all the sensors are good on your installed you can swap right over but be prepared to spend $$$.

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That is good advice from Chief. I done mine myself, which I understand not all people can do that, but got the long block redone completely for $1100, with all new parts, the only parts I reused was the block, crank, rods and head, Fuel injection system, etc. . Had Block boring, crank resurfacing, rod resizing, head machined, new guides, valves, springs, rockers, pivots at a machine shop for $600. Rebuild kit for the 4.0 H.O. engine for $385 shipped, new pistons, cam, lifters, full gasket set with valve seals, oil pump, timing set, Rod/Main/Cam bearings, freeze plugs. The rest was misc. parts. like new belt, plugs, etc.
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