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Engine swap 2

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What engines will easily fit in my 1988 wrangler with a stock 2.5and 5spd?
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I personally put the Chevy 350 under my 89 YJ. It runs, and sounds good...........:D I also put fuel injection on it, so that it would not stall out, on the climbs. If you have to replace the motor, it is the only way to go. Give Novak, a call, and they will help you with whatever you decide on. Great people.
MMM i want to put a 350 in my 80 CJ5 only 8 bucks for the new engine mounts too. But wow what an increase in power, do you have any pics of it :)
I am installing a cummins 4bta out of a Frito lay truck. bolts right in with the Chevrolet bell housing. The main issue is the diesel only turns 2500 rpm's. Therefore unless you are running high gears you top speed will be limited around 65 my jeep has 307 therefore I can run about 80mph.

Here is one :
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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