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engine weak in the low rpm range

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I recently bought my second Jeep after having one for 11 years and having a great truck for a while. Had to trade it in because city life didn't agree with a Dodge Mega-cab.
Anyway got a great deal on a 2012 wrangler Sahara with the 3.6 and the 6 speed tranny and only 9,500 miles on it.I replaced the air box with a K&N air system for now, that's it.

My question/problem is this: This thing stalls out a lot with the temperamental tranny and it's not because I can't drive a stick, but the low end in this thing is so weak that I want to drive it off a cliff into the Hudson after a while. It acts NOTHING like the asx-15 5 speed in the last jeep that I had and I understand that. I was wondering if any kind of engine mods would help or should I just switch out the .321 gears in the 3rd unit for 355 or the 373 that I wish I had. I would like to keep the 321 for fuel economy, but I find that i have to wind up the engine just to be sure I don't stall and that's tough on the clutch. I get really mad sometimes and I want to fix this. Would a exhaust fix(which I will do anyway) or a Bullydog mod make this problem go away?? I would also like to put a little bigger tires on it and I know that it would make this problem a whole lot worse.
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I have the same problem

Was told it was the gear ratio. BS. There has been a "sweet spot" in every stick I've driven. If I don't remember to give it gas at a stop sign or light - it stalls - a complete shutdown. PIA.
Dealer sees nothing wrong. Haven't had to rev the engine since I was 18. Now it is daily and not so much cool.
Can't find a thread about fixing this :(
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