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Hi everyone!..
I am new here and am about to buy my first Jeep, a Wrangler Unlimited,
It will live at my winter home in AZ.

Usage will be for -

-moderate offroading, at least initially
-Fairly short range highway driving
-delivering my Great Danes to the vet or kennels occasionally.

I do not need to tow as I have a Cayenne that is set up for towing.

I do not need a lot of cosmetics or luxury, and looked at the specs. It would seem that there is not a huge difference between the 2012 and the 2013 mechanically.

When I price the Sport with the S package, it is not that much cheaper than the next model up which seems to have all of the S stuff in its base spec.

Key questions -

(1) 18" wheels worth it? ( apart from this have little interest in cosmetics)
(2) Do kick plates come as standard?
(3) Is it difficult to remove the rear seat?
(4) Is it difficult to remove the roof ( sometimes my wife might want to do this by herself).
(5) I see reference to a 3.73 ratio option - what are the benefits?
(6) Are there any specific mechanical difference among the various models?

I am flying down to AZ Monday to take a run around a bunch of dealer lots. Would appreciate any advice you can provide.

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My 2 cents:

17 or 18 are fine but if you are ever going to lift it you might as well stay with whatever is stock (not worth paying for an upgrade) as you will most likely change out factory wheels to get a larger width tire.
Kickplates - nto standard but a cheap added from Amazon or one of the vendors here.
Rear Seat removal - Haven't tackeld this one yet but form what I 've seen it's not a huge deal.
Roof - Doubt she wants to tackle this herself unless she has a a hoist handy. Always nice to have a second set of eyes and hands.
Aboslutely upgrade to at least the 3:73's - Cheap factory add but after the fact will cost you at least 1500 with parts and labor. Benefit is if you go with bigger tires and lift it will not bog down and become a slug.
Other than rubicon package most of the upgrades are cosmetic and luxury/convenince related IMO.

Best of luck...

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For an Unlimited with the use you have suggested I would get a Sport S with 3.73 gears and limited slip rear end. I wouldn't spring for a Sahara unless you can't live without painted fenders and top and a nav system.
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