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Exhaust Manifold Replacement

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Some of you might have read my earlier post about not passing inspection in VA, and I also wasn't even able to get an Emissions, and this was because my exhaust manifold is cracked. This is apparently a common problem in older TJ's, although I'm not exactly sure why.

I'm getting ready to order parts, and get down to business next weekend. Although, I've never replaced any of these things before, I've seen it done, and I'm fairly comfortable taking the time to learn how to do it myself (of course with the resources of my Factory Service Manual, and the folks here on the forum.

Is there anything I should prepare for before going into it? I'll be able to work in a garage, and I have all the basic tools. I'll be following the instructions from this guy, and probably order from the same company as well, unless there are some other suggestions on quality or price?

I'm also going to do my brakes and rotors, is there a specific brand that is preferred amongst our community? I'm open to any and all suggestions.
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That looks like a pretty good one to use. I dont know about the best material, but since that one has flex joints, it shouldnt crack.
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