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I'm somewhat new to the Jeep world with a purchase of a 1995 YJ a couple of months ago. When looking online for parts I noticed that ExtremeTerrain had a pretty good marketing and email strategy. They did a great job of sending reminders to purchase items that I had looked at, or placed in my cart. I had seen a few of the negative reviews concerning the whole follow through / shipment part of the order process, but I wasn't necessarily in a big hurry for my parts, so I decided to take a chance and place my first order.

I ended up ordering (4) items on 12/30 that were all in stock and ready to ship according to the website. Ordering on Saturday before the New Year's holiday I didn't expect for the product to ship until the 2nd or 3rd of January. When I went back to the order screen to check up on the shipment, I noticed that all four of the items were showing up twice within the order screen. I decided to chat with one of their representatives on Wednesday the 3rd to make sure there wasn't some kind of error with the order. The representative assured me that even though the order screen wasn't showing up correctly, the shipment was scheduled to leave that day, and per UPS I would likely see it on Friday, 01/05.

As Friday rolled around I received my package, which included (1) of the (4) items that I had ordered. When I checked the order screen it still showed "processing" for the other 3 items. I went back online to chat, and the same representative that I had previously chatted with earlier in the week responded. The representative indicated that they could check on the order progress, but they'd need to check with their satellite warehouses for any tracking info and then get back to me, and it could take a couple of days to hear back. I told her to go ahead, but that didn't solve the problem of not shipping all of my items at the same time. Later that day I received notice from UPS My Choice that a couple more labels were created for the rest of my order. I ended up receiving the remaining 3 items on 01/10/17. It's possible that it could have been delivered on 01/09/17, but there was a transportation accident that might have delayed the shipment a day.

To this day (3) of the items are listed twice on my order screen and are still showing as "processing." The one item that shipped right away shows the tracking number. The other (3) items that shipped later do show as "shipped," but don't list a tracking number.

It's clear that ExtremeTerrain is drop shipping items from various Omix-ADA warehouses, and doesn't have much control over shipping lead times, and the entering of the actual tracking / shipment information into the customer's order screen. The representative told me this info is manually entered into their system once they receive it from their satellite warehouses, which can easily be a couple of days behind.

I'm pretty easy going, and don't get too worked up over these issues, but I wanted to share my experience. I'm very spoiled with my Amazon Prime membership and 2 day free shipping. It's a shame that ExtremeTerrain has done a great job with their advanced marketing campaign and website (I love seeing the customer photos of products by the way), but does such a poor job of following through on the backside with the actual order shipment and tracking information. With today's market of short lead times, quick shipping, and almost immediate email confirmation with shipment tracking information from other suppliers, most customers aren't going to put up with the delays and lack of info and will simply go elsewhere. I doubt I'll order from them again in the near future. Maybe if they get things squared away on the back end I'll reconsider.
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