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I thought I would post this review separate from my build. I came across this product by accident and after getting it and installing it, I will never have a winch without one of theses on it. This is called the Prolink from it is 124.95 and 149.95 for the Prolink loaded (the one I installed). This can be used on cable or synthetic rope winch's

It literally is taking me longer to write this then it did to install it!


It is very well made and comes in 4 colors.

Red Light

There is a solid shaft that is held in by a ring clip on one side. The other side is internal and not accessible

Violet Magenta

The loaded model comes with the rubber insulator on the bottom

Vehicle Car Automotive lighting

Pieces disassembled

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Automotive tire Automotive exterior

Here is my current hook on the cable

Auto part Bumper Wheel Automotive wheel system Tire

You just remove the pin, slide the cable in and replace the pin and the retainer clip

Clip in

Auto part Technology Vehicle

Tighten the winch cable back up and your done

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Jeep Automotive tire

This is with the shackle installed. Now I can attach anything safely

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Automotive tire Jeep

Looks pretty awesome on there!

If your interested just get ahold of Mike Costa at and he will take good care of you

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I'm confused about the two models. The Loaded is $25 more than the ProLink, but they sell the rubber part by itself for $13. Is there another upgrade I'm missing somewhere? Why not just buy the two pieces separately?
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