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Factory Leather w/side airbags

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Dealer has a Jeep I like with everything but the leather with the supplemental Side Airbags. Is it possible to swap the cloth seats with leather, either by the dealer or by me if I find them on eBay or something?

I am also thinking I am better off going with a teraflex 2.5 or rock Krawler lift than the Mopar lift. This results from 2 jeeps I am looking at. dealer has one with a Mopar lift and he is less interested in dealing on price compared to the one without. In the end it will be cheaper to do the buildup on my own to make the stock jeep look like their modified jeep.
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look like their modified jeep.
I think the key here is "LOOK LIKE", .. if you just want it to look like the mopar, then get the cheapest lift you can find. If you want it to upgrade everything the mopar lift does, that's a different story.... the mopar lift includes a $1000 worth of speed bumps,... the parts in the mopar kit go well beyond your "standard" 2.5" lift, ....

Having said that, I have the RK 2.5" max travel pro and love it.
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