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My opinion is that because soft tops deteriorate, and hard tops (basically) do not, soft tops have very limited value on the used market.

I see new ones in the box (never installed w/ all hardware) on ebay for $230 and up.

One can buy a BRAND NEW flip-top soft top (with all hardware) for well under $600 (Collins Bros. Jeep has them on sale now for $399 COMPLETE).

Used hard tops range from $600 to $800 in good shape.

Just my opinion, of course. If someone is hot for a soft top, and doesn't want a hard top, you may do very well with your swap.

BTW, I just bought a brand new OEM style Smittybilt "Outlander" top for my 2000 TJ for $225 from Collins Bros.

kalaniwavo said:
I am looking to trade my factory 05' soft top with tinted windows for a hardtop for my TJ. My soft top is in excellent condition. only 6K so far.

Just wondering about what a fair offer would be on a trade. My soft top does not include the upper doors. I was thinking of a trade + $300. Anyone have any input?

and if you live in hawaii with a hardtop?? give me a call and we can work something out!

1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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