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First post, and I've gotta start by saying I could never have armed myself with all of the details and info about my new 2013 Rubicon without the insight and knowledge packed into so many pages of threads I've read on this forum. Truly an incredible wealth of informational and opinions with an almost exclusively positive tone to every post. So thanks for that, WF community. You all rock! :punk:

Since I was able to take all that I learned from this forum and put it to great use in my purchasing experience locally, I'd be remiss to leave out the two guys at the dealer who really made this happen. Scot (salesman) and Cartier (finance) both made the entire experience smooth and easy as can be.

With my Tread Lightly rebate in-hand and A-Z details all in order after reading this forum for the past number of weeks, I emailed Scot a number I wanted to hit, explained how I wanted to make it happen, and his only responses were, how do you know all of this info? and, let's get it done.

After a few phone calls and emails and then a few weeks waiting for the build to finish, I signed my paperwork this afternoon and drove home with the new ride at about 5:00 PM. Stoked to have learned all that I did from the great contributors here and to be an owner of my first Jeep!

If anyone in the Bay Area is looking for a no-haggle, simple, and easy transaction with really good people, give Scot a call. I didn't know the him before this experience, but out of the half-dozen dealerships I contacted, he was by far the most proactive, so this is an easy reccomendation.

And once again, thank you to everyone here for providing all the info I needed to buy an awesome Jeep. My wife and our bank account also thank you!
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