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Quite a few on here have installed the Android head units and I wanted to maybe start a list of best/favorite apps for different functions.

Personal favorites (All of these are free with paid upgrades available for some)

GPS: Waze, Google Maps, Locus, GPS Test

Audio Files: BlackPlayer music player

Gasoline: Gas Guru, Gas Buddy

Video: MXPlayer (also need the x86 codec for Intel units)

Internet Radio: Radio Tunes, Pandora

Anybody have other favorites you want to share?

PS: If this head unit is reliable, it will be much better than the Pioneer 4200NEX that I almost installed. The only advantage the Pioneer has is better control and customization of sound.

Edit: The Pioneer also has a much better AM/FM tuner. I'm off to see if there is something I can do to improve this.
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