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FEELER - (5) BFgoodrich BFG KM2 35x12.5x17

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I'm looking to move up to 37s, but before I do, I'd like find a buyer for my existing tires. I have a set of 5 BFgoodrich BFG KM2 35x12.5x17 with approx 10k miles on each tire. Tires were rotated at 4k intervals using a 5-wheel rotation, so all 5 have equal wear.

All 5 tires are wearing perfectly with no evidence of cupping, feathering, or poor wear patterns. They're all in very good condition, I'd say almost excellent condition, except for 1 tire that's missing a chunk of a knob (a big "thanks" to Gold Mountain trail). It's only cosmetic though, as it's still being driven on daily. Feel free to PM me for pics.

Asking $800 for all 5. Local pickup only as tires will be at Rebel Offroad in Lake Forest. Tires could be available as early as Monday, 7/22 if interested.
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