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So my wife picked up a new (to me) JKUR yesterday on her way back from Vegas, very happy with it but want to do some immediate upgrades.

It LOOKS like it has a small lift but I cannot identify shocks or anything else as aftermarket. Mainly want to see if anything worth saving, already pretty set on RK 2.5" lift from WF vendor.

Currently has 33x12.5x18 Toyo MT's (E rated ...) and pretty sure I want to go back to 17's (and know for sure I want to go 35's). Assuming 17's will ride better.

Other than that gonna try to flip those giant spots upside down or replace with 22" bar I already have, may ditch the giant light bar up top, not sure about it.

Also: can anyone identify that bumper? (crappy galvanized shackles getting ditched too)

Thanks for input!!!

oh yeah! : 2016 Hydro Blue JKUR 51K miles
20190826_131120 (1).jpg
20190826_131126 (1).jpg
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