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Hey guys!!
Every time I bring my Jeep out to the mountains, it seems increasingly apparent that I should have some sort of equipment box filled with essentials for first-aid or roadside emergencies. You can find a lot of kits that have already been prepared by companies for your average, haphazard driver but I'm inclined to put together my own collection of gear for any sort of unexpected crisis because it will be compromised of stuff I actually need and probably cheaper than being ripped off by purchasing some corporate package.

So far, these are the lists I've come up with...
First-aid: Hot pack, Neosporin (and q-tips to apply it), Gauze pads, Ace bandage, Cloth Tape, Vaseline, Assorted band-aids (standard, knuckle, butterfly), Tweezers, Aspirin
Roadside: Winch, Recovery shovel, Flashlight, Gloves

Sort of similar to how people regularly keep tissues, chapstick, a phone charger, etc in their cars! Any recommendations or advice?

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All depends on how prepared you want to be, and your wallet depth. You can get simple first aid kits all the way up to full trauma kits. Also anything from simple jumper cables or a jumper battery to tow strap, tire repair kit, tools and assorted vehicle bolts, etc.

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Toilet paper, roll of paper towels, duct tape, epoxy that you mix up, gallon of water, bug spray, a clean old T-shirt to use as bandages/wipes, cheap light weight tarp (cover, lay on it in the mud, put parts on so they are out of the mud...)

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Tools and Equipment
3/8 drive socket set, Metric, Torx and Standard.
Standard wrenches, 5/64 - 7/8.
Metric wrenches, 8 - 19.
Standard hex key set, 5/64 - 1/4.
Metric hex key set, 1.5 - 5.
Torx key set, T9 - T40.
Ratchet screwdriver.
Adjustable wrenches, med. and small .
Vise grips, small and large.
Rubber Hammer.
Two small pry bars.
Folding four-way tire tool.
Jumper cables.
20 Foot tow strap.
Ratchet tie downs.
Vinyl tape.
Heavy duty zip ties.
Large pocket knife (Ralph Jr.).
Tire gauge.
Flashlight LED.
Air compressor AC/DC.
Hand vac DC .
Fire Extinguisher.
OEM tire jack and tool.
Plug gap tool.
Assorted spare Jeep parts.
6 foot tape measure.
Tool magnet.
Army TA 50
Tactical Rifle Case with 4 Pockets.
Colt Magpul M4 Carbine with 120 rounds.
Colt Knives M-7 Bayonet.
Army Molle II - M4 - 2 Magazine Pouch - Desert Camouflage.
Army M4 field cleaning kit.
Army MOLLE II Desert Camo Flashbang Grenade Pouch.
Body Armor.
Army P38 can opener.
Army Magnesium Firestarter.
Army earplugs and case.
Army safety pin large.
Army Nomax gloves.
Army work gloves.
Army Shoulder holster U.S..
Army DCU boonie hat.
Three Army 1 Qt. Army canteens.
Army Canteen Cup.
Army Desert Camo 1 Quart Canteen Pouch.
Army Mess Kit.
Army goggles.
Army Platoon pendent.
BDU tops and bottom.
Army Field jacket.
Combat Lifesaver bag.
10 feet of 1 inch webbing.
100 mile an hour tape.
100 feet 550 cord. Army Leatherman tool.
Army E-tool with case.
Army Suppressor Ear Protectors.
Bushnell 10x25 Binoculars with Camera.
Tees, socks and UW.
Army Boot Blousers.
TP, Soap, Wipes and DO. Sleeping bag.
Spare glasses and repair kit.
Army Desert Camo CVC Bag.
Army Duffle Bag.
DCU bandanas.
Desert Shemagh.
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