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Hi all, just bought my first 09 jeep wrangler 6 speed with 50k miles on it. never owned a jeep before, and i really like it alot, but i have a few q about the tranny.

when going into second and third it kind of clunks into it, make a little kind of drop into noise, more third gear... also u can clearly hear a tiny ticking noise definetly coming from the flywheel or clutch, when you push the clutch in it goes away, also gos away if u wait a minute... are these things normal for 50k or should i have them check it out, dont want a jeep with transmission problems...

also there are a few really rusted bolts the hold the tie rods in and in the back on the bottom of the shocks, also the spark plugs are rusted (obviously i know these things happen in a jeep) ...

just wondering if these are things i should look more into, please and thank you for the help
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