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First Jeep

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Hi All,
I purchased a 2004 Jeep Wrangler and have been getting too much MIS-Information from local truck shops trying to sell me everything so I am not sure what is truth and what is salesmanship.
I would like to put a lift kit is but it doesn't need to be BIG (maybe 3"?). I four wheel here on Long Island mostly the beach and to be honest stock height would be fine but like the look of a lifted jeep. Any advice? I would like to trick it out but over time and a lift would be high on my list. That leads to tires. What is the largest tire you can put on a stock jeep and the largest on a mild lifted Jeep.
I understand as it is a 4 cyl I have limits on lifts too, is that correct?
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What is the largest tire you can put on a stock jeep and the largest on a mild lifted Jeep.
Before I lifted my Jeep I squeezed a set of 33's under it stock, I had to trim the fenders a bit tho. Seeing that you want to take it off roading a bit, I wouldn't go any bigger than a set of 31's (ish) which would allow room for flex.

As for tires after the lift, 33's and 35's are the most common. With a 3" lift I would stick with 33's.... 35's if you got yourself a set of flat flares or something that allows more room.

And as for type of lift... spend the extra money and buy a Rubicon Express... they wont let you down and the ride is unbeatable. (In my opinion)

Also, when going that big on tire size it is usually a good idea to upgrade your rear. 35's on a dana 35 is a ticking time bomb.
Thanks, Ride is important as I use the jeep to get back and forth to work is as well as off road. My main vec is a Hummer H3, but I love this jeep. I had a Benz that was totaled in an accident and I used some of the money from that to get the Jeep. In hindsight I wish I would have bought the Jeep years ago instead of the Benz.
Is the stock rear OK for 33" tires? and If I wanted to upgrade the rear what should I look for?
Well I'm not exactly sure what rear you have in the Jeep, but more than likely it is a Dana 35, unless you have a Rubicon then it will be a Dana 44. Most people believe 33's are the limit with a dana 35.. It will hold up for daily driving but If you get into some decent off roading you run risk of a break. I ran a dana 35 with 35" tires for a long time, some people get lucky.

As for what rear to look for.. the dana 44 and Ford 8.8 are the most common swap. The Ford 8.8 is probably the cheapest route and can be found just about anywhere. The Ford 8.8 also comes with disk brakes which is also nice. There is plenty of threads on here about an 8.8 swap.
welcome first of all. Mine is stock as well so no input on lift. I myself would be a beach rider when given the opportunity also. enjoy the forum, many experienced jeepers here.:thumb:
I vote 31's and a 2" budget boost lift,stock shocks
for just running on the beach you can get some coil spring spacers and fit 31x10.5 under it, you might get some minor wheel rub but they have wheel spacers to fix that or you can do like most and put a couple 3/8" washers behind the steering stops. there are forums on here that explain in detail how to do that, for i have learned that myself since being a member. there is plenty of good info here.
if you have a 4cyl its a d35 rear. 33's are fine with that for long island stuff.
31's are the limit for stock.
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