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First Jeep

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Hi there the wife and i are considering purchasing a 2005 wrangler renegade but we keep hearing negative points of view from people who have never owned one so i was wondering if there is anyone who can set us straight on a few small issues. predominately this jeep will be the wife's car so most of the driving will be general commuting but we want to go bush or beach when possible so the things we want to know are:

Stability on the open road good or bad?
road noise ? (jeep has a hard top and soft top)
roll over??? shit i hope not.
Any advice would be good.

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Plenty stable, as roll over prone as any other suv, actually has a pretty low center of gravity in stock form. Noisy...yes. test drive it and see if its tolerable.
There are a lot of myths about roll over, and some of the old cj's may have had concerns but that was 30 years ago.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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