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First road trip... Intial thoughts.

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It's the first road trip in my new '13 Sport JK... And OMG this thing is everywhere but on the road!!

We are traveling EB I-10 from Houston to Louisiana and its all over the road! Winds are 15mph and we are heading into them so the resistance is throwing us all over. It's definitely not as stable as I had expected.

We're getting about 15mpg's at 65mph in 6th gear so that kinda sucks.

I took the back seat out and packed two duffle bags, a camera bag, the dog supplies, the dog bed, and the dog... So there's a lot more room that I initially thought. I still may get one of those receiver hitch racks, or a Congo cage to carry luggage outside though for longer trips.

Aside from it being ALL OVER THE ROADWAY, I don't have any other negatives though.
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I haven't had a problem; but then again my old '96 Grand Cherokee was like driving a boat, I could literally turn the wheel in a semicircle with no effect, so I feel as if my JKU is an agile mountain goat. It might have something to do with the fact that the Wrangler has the aerodynamics of a barn and when high wind hits a barn, this happens:

As you can see, not very aerodynamic at all :rolleyes:


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... It might have something to do with the fact that the Wrangler has the aerodynamics of a barn :rolleyes:
I'm going to have to disagree with you there. At least a barn has a sloped roof for the wind to go over. :rofl: The jeep is more like a brick in my book.

On topic though, I haven't had my JK on the hwy much yet but my TJ was like that when it was windy. All over the road.
I don't know what I was expecting, but I wasn't expecting it to be thrown around this much. I guess I thought it would be extra heavy because if its rough nature, but its anything but heavy...
I agree I would shoot myself if I had to drive down the interstate for a long period of time with lots of wind. On Tuesday we had 30 mph winds and driving 70 it was so loud you could not hear yourself think. That why the wife has the roadtrip car.
My 2013 JKYR was like yours, so much so I began to call it "Mr. Wiggles."

Once the tires wore in and I lowered the air pressure from 45 (thanks dealer) to 35 (2 below recommended sticker) and got a little seat time, it is MUCH better. Even in the wind.

Give yourself some time, check the air and enjoy your being able to make uturns in parking lot aisles :)
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