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Well I just took off my hardtop and installed my premium Sunrider dual top for the first time on my JKU. Going to try it or is searching this topic hopefully this will help someone doing the same.

Did a lot of searching on how to do it the easy way. Lot of good info out there my problem was I couldn't get the damn thing latched in front. I got it all installed and tried to latchet and in no way was it going to go. It was hot out but it was about 5 to 6 PM so I put it in the garage waiting for a nice hot weather the next day, today.

Like everyone that's done one says to put the vehicle in the sun for a couple hours. Here in Florida it was 90° out so it went outside in the driveway at about 8 AM this morning. I tried to latch three hours later and it was hot, had to put my work gloves on because the dam metal bars were scorching hot by this time and had no luck it wasn't going to go. I got out and thought this has got to be easier than I'm making it.
So, at ABOVE the drivers and passenger doors, on the softtop, leaving the front of the top down I just took my hands and grabbed the side and edge of the top, again, above the drivers and passenger front door and tried to pull it forward kind of pushed/scooched it forward as far as I could on both sides, I could tell it moved up and I knew this was the trick. Then got in the vehicle, IT LATCHED!! By scooting that top forward it allowed a good quarter inch or more so it would latch. Thank goodness!

You have to fully extend/open the latch so it can reach. ALSO, DO NOT CLOSE THE LATCH ALL THE WAY until you have secured the rear flaps completely or they won't reach to snap into place.
Once the rear flaps are secured, close the front latches fully down.

A friend of mine just happened to stop by at the right time while I was trying to pull those rear flaps down by myself, there was absolutely no way in the world I was going to get those down by myself with this first install. He's 185 pounds and he hung on the rear bar at the top on both sides in order for me to just be able to snap those damn things in place.

I like this thing with the soft top on with all the windows down and top up. It really reaches a happy medium. The hardtop at is cool but there's just something about the premium softtop. It's MUCH NICER than the vinyl one a friend of mine had a few years back.
If you're able to buy the duel top option, go for it you won't be sorry.

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