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Hey Jeepers馃馃I have a question. I went out the other day and started up my 99 Tj (daily driver) drove about a half mile and couldn鈥檛 go into 3rd for some reason. The clutch was sticking not letting me shift up or down so I pulled over. I stopped put it in neutral engaged the e brake took my foot off the clutch and it stalled. Started it up again in neutral with e brake engaged and it stalled again. Do I need a new clutch or is it something with my transmission??!!! PLEASE HELP!

I changed the slave and master cylinder, still having the same problem.馃ゴ馃ゴ馃槴

97' TJ 2.5L 5spd w/ Kumho Road Venture AT51 LT 31X10.50R15
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... I changed the slave and master cylinder, still having the same problem.馃ゴ馃ゴ馃槴
What we need to know and for you to try:
  • Did you replace the clutch master and slave cylinders with an All-in-one pre-filled part-- or did you replace it with separate new parts? Still, you might need to try and bleed the system again.
  • When you uninstalled the slave cylinder from the bell housing, did you check to see if the Clutch Fork was still aligned? If it looked like it has fallen up or down, the clutch fork retainer spring might have broken which can possibly keep the clutch from engaging or disengaging properly.
If you have already done the two points above, it is possible there is some internal damage.

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Neutral is Neutral. Clutch engaged or disengaged... If you were in actually in neutral, everything would just spin freely. None of the gears in the transmission would be engaged with any other gear when in neutral position. Transmission in Neutral would not stall.

Is it possible your shift selector fork broke? Maybe your lever move free in the middle and side to side, as if you were in Neutral, but your gears never moved out of third...
Shift selector or shift tower issue is my guess and explanation for stalling like that.

I don't think you have a clutch or master/slave problem. I suspect the shift mechanisms in the transmission.
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