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Before anyone flames me let it be known...I love my new 13' JKUR. What I mean is, the look, the off-road capability (yes, its been off road) and the fun. I have an AEV 2.5" lift and these new shoes just waiting to install...

But...before I mod it....I want to bring it to the dealer. This thing has 3k miles on it, and so far here is the sh*t wrong with it:

  1. Rattling from the shifter area between 2k-3k rpm. Sounds like a cheap piece of sh*t driving it.
  2. Some shifts are fine, other times (for no apparent reason) they are extremely loud and clunky from the transmission.
  3. Before its completely warmed up (oil temp to normal) it hesitates when driving as if the engine isn't getting full power
  4. 80% of my LCA and Track Bar bolts were NOT to factory ft lb specs.
  5. Paint chips on the door hindges that are now rusting.
  6. In 4Low, in any gear, while slowly crawling (2mph for example) there seems to be an amazing amount of "slop" in either the tranny or driveshaft...resulting in continuous clunking noise. If this is normal, I didn't hear it in other jeeps.
I want the dealer to address them all before I mod...or else you know dam well that it's going to be "well, you modified it". Such crap. Any suggestions, info, advice before I go would be much appreciated. I'm doing research too...but really don't feel like I should. The dealer should.
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