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floor pan replacement

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I have a 90' yj and my floor pans are totally shot. I have just ordered some new ones from Quadretec I was woundering if any body could give me a few pointers on how to tackle the project?
Should I weld them in or should I pop-rivot them in?

Also does any one have any ideas I could look into for the reason why my heat dont work?
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You need to be sure that you get every bit of rusted metal from the old ones out of there. The proper way to do it is to weld them in, but if you don't have this option you should be ok riveting them in. I you do go the rivet route, I would run a bead of silicone at the seams.
I do have a welder but im woundering if there are any gas lines running under the floor board or not. That is the only reason why I would concider going the rivot route.
The gas lines should run on the inside of the frame rail on the drivers side. They should be hard lines so you shouldn't have any issues there.
When you do it, you could also rust proof the seams after completion with a rust restorer/preventative like por-15. If you weld them just take your time, if you try to run a long bead on sheet metal, it will warp your new pans and possibly your rockers. Solid tacks and short beads are the best way to attach them, from both sides if possible. Or, you can pre-drill your new pans as if you were going to use rivets, but tack in the pre drilled holes, same equivalent as spot welding. Make sure that you seal it after you've finished, whichever you decide to do.
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