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FML: Broken bell housing

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I guess these are the surprises associated with new ownership of a used vehicle.

I got the P1391 code on an engine service code. I go to autozone and pick up a new Crank Position Sensor Plugs and plug wires. Get pulled in the garage, crawl under to remove old CPS. There is one bolt holding it in place. As I begin loosening bolt an entire section of bell housing comes off. Looking closer I see some clear epoxy looking shit smeared all over removed bell housing section. :banghead::banghead:

I scrape off all offending adhesive, wire brush with paint thinner all surfaces involved in bell housing injury. I break out the good ole JB Weld and start repairing.

I am hoping that the old Crank Positioning Sensor is OK and the new "Patch" on broken bell housing will secure sensor in place better and not throw me the service engine code. Maybe this will hold until I need to pull Engine or tranny. in the future and fix correctly. We will see in the morning after JB Weld cure overnight.

New Plugs and plug wires are in place, If old sensor works out and my previous stutter issues are fixed I get to return a $71.00 CPS.


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Sucks!! Ya gotta wonder... HOW'D THEY DO THAT!?!?!
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