Hey Forum! My JKU came with these wheels and tires from prior owner. I’m also new to Jeeps and this forum (which has been an awesome source of info). I’ve driven on 4 of the tires under 2000 road miles and some sand/beach. No rock climbing and have no experience with these in mud. All 4 still have the little tire “nubs” on the sides as shown in the close up pics. The spare has not seen pavement.
Wheels: 20” Gear. You’re welcome to have the lugs too
Tires: 35x12.50 Atturo MTs. (They actually ride better than I imagined).

I’m selling as I want to move to a different setup - I’m not really into the look, that’s all personal taste, preference, so hoping these can find a new home for someone that does.

Ideally looking for a local buyer (DC area, MD/NOVA) and timing of a transaction so that the buyer can pickup shortly after I take these off. I’m flexible on timing. I’m also willing to get tires mounted on my new wheels closer to the buyer’s location if that makes the transaction pickup easier.