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Ford 8.8 on tj??

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I am planning to dump the 35 and getting something a bit stronger. Getting a dana 44 with the mounts on it already would be easy, but very expensive. I can Pick up a ford 8.8(31 spline) out of a junkyard for 300 bucks. How hard do u think it would be to weld on all mounts and spring buckets?? Getting all angles? And can i find a kit with all mounts for this axle that will make it tj compatible? I can do all the welding myself, but i dont know about matching everything up for everyday safe driving
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ford 8.8 tj

I would definately go with the 8.8 over the 44. I have the 8.8 on mine and im running 37 inch tires. to make it safe for the road,make sure you weld the dog crap out of the brackets. As far as the measurements go,mount all your brackets the same distance apart from the backing plates. Set the pinion angle with a magnetic degree finder. put all you brackets on the control arms, shocks,etc.... Then tack everything in place, and measure the distance from the rear tires on each side in comparison to the front wheels. If you like,weld it. By the way make sure gas tank doesnt rub the back of the housing.
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