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Ford 8.8 on tj??

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I am planning to dump the 35 and getting something a bit stronger. Getting a dana 44 with the mounts on it already would be easy, but very expensive. I can Pick up a ford 8.8(31 spline) out of a junkyard for 300 bucks. How hard do u think it would be to weld on all mounts and spring buckets?? Getting all angles? And can i find a kit with all mounts for this axle that will make it tj compatible? I can do all the welding myself, but i dont know about matching everything up for everyday safe driving
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For the rear? No... if you don't get a TJ D44, you'll need to do some chopping and welding, no matter what.
Correct.. then there is the wonderful world of the aftermarket. Which has a wonderful selection of items that bolt on or under your jeep. Also it can provide one's wife pleanty of reason to go shopping when she see's the bill. Here is a pic that from a few year's ago that got us a new dinning room table, a new desk for the study and other stuff I am sure I don't know about...LOL

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While not ideal the 36's can live on a dana 30. However, I would carry some spare shafts and ball joints just to be on the safe side. I have a buddy who runs 36 tsl on his, but he had an arb which helps as its not locked up all the time on the trail. less stress vs a full time locker.
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