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It's really hard to find places to go for free in Texas. There ARE some, but almost all the land is privately owned, so it makes it hard..

That's the reason for two of my posts on my youtube channel. There's a trail in Pearland, TX that's probably about to close, but was still open a month ago or so, last time I rode it. It would probably be a 1 or 2 on a difficulty scale, so it's nothing to get that excited about, but still a great place to test out your rig, especially if you've just changed something and just need a little test.

Recently I found another spot. This one is on the beach. If you're from the area, it's East of the Bolivar peninsula. There's a little town called High Island and Texas Highway 287 (some maps say US 287) runs along the coast and stops there at High Island. The coast continues east. 287 used to continue along the coast but it got destroyed by the sea (vanishing beachfront) and became un-maintained. You can still drive down that way, if you are brave enough. Just don't get caught by hide-tide. If you time it right, you can have 8+ hours of driveable beach between the tides. There is a little elevated berm with a trail/road on the top, but it doesn't run the entire length of the beach, you will have to drive on the beach, at times.

Here's my crappy, unprofessional, video if interested.. sorry it's poor quality! but it will still show you what to expect.

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