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Hey fellas. Not sure if this belongs here or in the General forum so I'm sorry if its in the wrong spot.
I decided this weekend to see why one of my headlights was so loose and found this:

After some searching (here mostly) I found that this piece is not available by itself and is part of the headlight assembly. Not wanting to shell out the dough for a whole new headlight just to replace a part worth maybe five bucks I set about a repair. I say its a free repair as I had everything I needed for the job just laying around but if you don't then at most a couple of bucks would buy everything.
Here is all it takes:

The larger washer on the left I actually didn't use. At first I was going to use it in back of the bucket but it wasn't needed. Ok, so here we have a piece of 3/8" fuel line cut to 11/16" long, (1/4" would work, or vinyl tubing, whatever you have) an e-clip and a washer. The rubber hose provides a backup to the bucket and allows it to give so you can still use the adjuster.

First thing I did was use my Dremel tool to grind away what was left of the broken mounting point.

Here my torx driver is pointing to the fuel line/spacer:

Here is the front view all assembled:

Its a little fiddly to get the e-clip in place but the groove on the mounting post lets it sit in place like it was made to be there. Also, I had to massage that washer on my grinder a little to get it to fit just right.
That's it guys! How long will this repair last? Well time will tell but so far so good. If you want to make this repair but don't have a box full of miscellaneous washers and such to look through you can just unscrew the adjuster bolt and take it with you to your local hardware store to get what you need.
Another idea here is if I were to have had a broken mount where the adjuster screw goes then I would have used a spring instead of a piece of rubber tubing as a spacer. That way it would have tension on the bucket yet still be able to move back and forth for adjustment.

Hopes this helps someone needing to save a little $$


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Nice, I like the fuel line as a backer idea.

Just had to rig something up for this last night and here's what I did.

I removed the adjustment screw and installed one washer on the threaded side.

Then I stuck the screw through the bucket and installed another washer to "capture" the bucket with the 2 washers.

Then I used a plastic picture hangar anchor, smaller than the screw thread, that I trimmed up with a pair of dykes and threaded that on as a tension mechanism on the backside.

Seems to be holding pretty well, but if it doesn't last I'll revist this thread definitely.
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