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I went with my buddy today to buy a hard top at the shop that does all the work on our jeeps and they found a pretty good deal on a used hard top. When we got back we went to put a hose on it to see if there were leaks... And it was like a frieken rainstorm on the inside of the jeep. We then noticed the freedom panels weren't sitting correctly. They were in all the holes but for some reason they were a little off center. He has an 08 so should the hardtop fit the 08 even if it was a newer version? And I tried putting my own freedom panels from my 13 on and they also sat cockeyed. We went to pep boys to get weather stripping but when we got back it was way to dark to do anything. I'll take some pics tomorrow hopefully it'll explain a little better.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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