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front drive shaft question

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Noob question, I got under my 2000 sport 4.0 5-speed (51000 miles) to check things out and see if everything was tight. The only thing I found not tight was my front drive shaft. It has about 1/4" play in both the shaft and yolk. U-joints look good and tight. I tried in 2H, 4H, and 4L......nothing changed. 1/4" play in all settings. Is this normal?......or do I have something going wrong.
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So when you grab hold of the shaft and give it a shake you have play in it? Can you tell if it's coming from the ujoint or the pinion? Ujoints are cheap and easy to replace. Might just be a good idea to do it anyway.

Also as a wise Hackle once told me over and over and over again. "It looked tight" is not the right answer. :D
On the front drive shaft, there is a knuckle like mechanism when it comes out of the transfer case. there are u joints also in there. If everything is tight in there and tight on u joint on ur front diff, then the driveshaft should not have any play. it did the same thing to mine. Just drop the skid and give the driveshaft a shake and see if any is loose.

sorry guys, perhaps I used the wrong word......not wiggle type play, it turns back and fourth about 1/4"..... front yolk included... normal?
I think some play rotation wise is okay, others will chime in.
I think some play rotation wise is okay, others will chime in.
Oh yeah, just a bit of rotational place is pretty normal. Read "a bit". But if you have play up and down or side to side then that is a sign of imminent failure of a UJoint or CV.

thanx for the input all....... Was just worried bout my sweetheart......don't want her to get sick..... :)
That is the "backlash" between the ring and pinion and is very normal. :)
it was a golden opertunity thing........ just got lucky when I got the deal....
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